Over 80 years of history

A long lasting history starting in 1936  with M Léon Constantin a French civil engineer when he decided to become a business consultant. When the war broke out the archives, at that time only paper wise, went to London and business started again in 1945. He then was able to support individuals that became celebrities in the business world (Mémoires d’Edgar Faure. Mémoires d’André Rousselet) and participated with them to the creation of several lead firms in investment banking, food industry, motorcar industry and many other sectors. Most of them still exist. He was also active in the political live to organize financing and in publishing many books in a variety of fields, music (Berlioz,) Law (The criminal law) business (the negotiation). Extraordinary for the time he also wrote an audit manual and opened branches in London and New York of the financial audit practice he set under his name and signature with the SEC  authorization for the listing in 1955 of SIMCA a French car manufacturer on the US financial markets. 

After he passed away in 1973, his name was transferred with his authorization to a group of French CPA’s who had already worked for him and for the US specifically to Jean-François Serval. This is the Constantin Associates CPA Llp. successor.  During this long-lasting period the audit practice did grow a lot opening new practices in several western European countries and auditing major international companies.

In 2008, the French practice was acquired from the holding company Groupe Audit by the branch of a big four and the Constantin’s name for Europe is no longer part of the same group.
Since, Groupe Audit and Constantin built a new European network to be able to operate on all the western countries of the continent and also expand in ASIA. As a result it is now fully operative to service global western clients throughout the world with its high quality standard and leading clients in their respective sector and governments.

In Europe, being part of the same network as Constantin Associates CPA Llp, the practice operates under the holding’s name of Groupe Audit and Serval & Associés.
Becoming over the years a pure audit player it is now emerged in the new digital world which has changed financial information which has to be is dealt with and to be audited to satisfy both the expectations of global managements and the safety of the public.

In the US address did not leave Madison Avenue since inception (while moving  from 375 to 480 and now since 1980, 575) and in Paris left the historical 66 rue de Caumartin to Levallois to rue Marius Aufan still the groups’ property to now Neuilly sur Seine on avenue Charles de Gaulle at number 163 (see locations).

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We are proud to have offices in North America, Europe & Asia.

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