• This division performs financial auditing and due diligence work for medium to large sized-companies. These include privately owned businesses, publicly traded entities or simply any issuer of financial instruments (Bonds, Commercial papers etc.). Our audit division also issues opinions on compliance with any recognized international accounting and/ or auditing standards, (US GAAPs, IFRS or other declination of IFRS, GAAS or IAS) and gives opinions on the fairness of financial statements or sections and divisions of corporations.
  • Audit can also take on or contribute to internal control processes and establish accounting policies for groups in accordance with accounting and/ or auditing standards. Our team can state the requirements and expectations for audit purposes to system deployment teams when a project is begun.
  • This division can implement on going audit surveillance systems independent from the audited entity’s internal one, within legal limitations.
For more information on legal structure of “audits” go to Audit Tab.


The transaction service teams are made up of dedicated professionals whom are experienced in due diligence engagements which allows them to serve immediate or long-term requirements. Our teams have the necessary technical expertise gained from experiences in a large variety of industries throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. They are an invaluable tool that will help any growing company make crucial investment decisions. Working alongside bankers and lawyers, our global firm is specialized in due diligence and VDD for private equity funds or companies that would prefer to choose an independent auditor aside from their global auditor. We also assist in restructuring companies and helping facilitate industrial, digital or commercial international purchases with our integrated multilingual teams. These teams ensure the compliance with both domestic and now international policies.


This branch provides full support to international companies in establishing financials and filing or auditing consolidation packages with companies or head offices. On behalf of clientele it can take on some filing duties for payroll and taxation. This branch specializes in managing subsidiaries that are not located near the financial headquarters of the parent company and being as transparent as possible in reporting global corporate accounting policies and systems from all around the world.

In addition to these services, we also offer several specialized support teams


Software and telecommunication security team
To ensure the security compliance of our clients, Constantin has developed a special team with international experts. This team was designed to address accessibility and data protection issues. It is eager to analyze special client requests and/ or support the audit teams internally.

Accounting and audit standards team
This team is dedicated to answering any client inquiries regarding applicable accounting or audit standard compliance as well as fielding interest in participating in a project deployment. It also assists and supports our firm’s divisions when the specificities of our client(s) need to conform to accounting and/ or audit standards.

Tax and social compliance

The Tax and Social Compliance team is located at our regional headquarters and ensures that our clients are meeting social and tax compliance and examines what kind of risk or disputes they may have or be taking on. This team can also satisfy the needs of expatriate personnel that lawyers may not want to help because of complications with filing personal tax returns. Specialized tax lawyers are provided to expatriate personnel as soon as legal issues are raised or set ups are contemplated. On the contrary, this team will be able to support lawyers with necessary files for their data.

International Offices

We are proud to have offices in North America, Europe & Asia.

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